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Design: It's Our First Name

Is this your first Web site? Not to worry!

When you're partnering with a good developer the process will be easy. Here's some things to consider for your first meeting with Design Science. These may seem obvious, but these questions are often overlooked. Go ahead and make a list. We love to hear your ideas!

  • Think about the message and purpose of your site. What you do you want it to say, verbally or graphically, about you and your business? What do you want your site to do for your business or organization?
  • What do you want visitors to feel and do when they come to your site? What should they immediately "get" about your business?
  • What sort of imagery or design speaks best to your customers? (We can help with this if you draw a blank)
  • If anything were possible with a Web site what would you have it do for you or your business? Forget for a moment any preconceived notions you may have about the limitations of web sites. The latest Web technologies, creatively applied, can do things unheard of just a short while ago. So go ahead and "blue-sky". You may just come up with the next big thing!


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