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About Design Science...
Just who am I working with?

Glad you asked!

When you work with Design Science you'll be working primarily with Stu D'Alessandro, A designer / programmer / engineer who's been in the Internet design and technology business for many years.

After many years designing computer hardware and software, Stu started working in graphics design and Internet programming in the early 90's - ancient history by Web standards. He developed unique Web sites and technologies for ABC television in New York. This involved remote sensing and control applications, live-real time TV-synchronized Web-casts, and instant feedback polls for shows like 'World News Tonight with Peter Jennings' and 'The View'.

in time Stu moved from the engineering department at ABC to the graphics department where he designed TV graphics for national elections coverage, major sporting events like the Kentucky Derby and the indianapolis 500. It is this marriage of art and technology that is Stu's passion and is the foundation of "Design Science".

In 2005/2006 Stu was selected to be the senior technical project manager for the creation of 17 Web sites released by CBS television. The advanced technical and design innovations of these sites came to be known as CBS' "Always On" news Web sites (cbs5.com and cbs13.com are two examples).

But design credentials are not enough. How will you know that you've found the right designer to partner with for your Web site project? In short it's chemistry. The communication between you and your Web developer can make the difference between a result that truly enhances your business and one that just gets by. One of the most exciting - and unique - aspects of working with Stu is his passion for working with clients to create truly unique ideas for winning Web site.

Is Design Science right for you? It costs nothing to find out. Call today to set up a free appointment to discuss your Web project. You will discover the enthusiasm and attention to detail that Stu brings to every project and will learn about the possibilities that exist for increasing your business with a well-designed Web site.

Call today at 775-722-7960 or contact us by email at info@design-sci.com. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

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